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Naira Martirosyan: “I think the Council of Elders needs people like me”

WomenNet.am held an Interview with Naira Martirosyan, a candidate for council member nominated for the May 11th  district council elections in Armavir region. She was a member of the council for two terms and was nominated for the third time.


Born in 1971, in Margara village, Armavir region. Graduated from the secondary school, then continued her studies at the Acharyan University. After graduating from the institute as a teacher of Armenian language and literature, she taught at the Margara School, where she is still working as the Deputy Director of the Educational Department.


  • I have been to the Council twice, and I am well aware of the role and significance for the community. Serving in the village for so many years, I think the council has the need of conscious people like us to participate in community-based decision-making so that we can offer community solutions.


The most important issue is the drinking water problem. There are streets where there is no water, this issue is not solved; we must include these issues in current programs. We have problems with the installation of the village sewage and water meters. The community has no kindergarten. The house of culture needs repair. We have a medical facility where there is a heating problem. The school also has a heating problem.


I find that women’s participation in politics is very positive. If a woman has a big role in the family, then in the community, which is a large family,  has to play an important role. The woman is more balanced, approaches the questions psychologically more delicately. Men make more drastic decisions. A woman in politics can change the mood, even the atmosphere.


All members of our council are very clever and aware citizens. It was there that we did not agree with the village-related decisions, we did not agree with the formulations, we have changed. That is to say, we have realized our responsibility, men have taken into account the views of women councils when discussing one or another issue.



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