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Nare Ghazaryan. “I am responsible to the community members, I cannot disappoint” / multimedia

Only one voter voted against Nare.


– It is not easy at the age of 26 to be elected the head of the rural community, with 99.9% confidence in the population. It is a great responsibility, the weight of which, if I am honest, now I understand more than 4 years ago in 2016 when I was nominated, ”says Nare Ghazaryan, administrative director of the Shikahogh community in Kapan, a large community.


It all started in 2012. Being involved in the council of elders, the young, energetic woman began to pay more attention to the problems of the village.


“I was thinking of running, but I was afraid to speak up. Then they started asking if you I do not want to run, saying that I can work. Those thoughts inspired me, and I began to push forward with my intention, ”recalls Nare.


Initially, she was not the only candidate in the Shikahogh community. Another candidate was also nominated with her, but later withdrew his candidacy. Only one voter voted against Nare.


She says that most family members, especially her father, were against it. He said it was hard, responsible work, not for the girl, especially inexperienced, she was very scared.


Giving a glance at the programs implemented, it proves that two months after being elected, the village road has been cleared with the help of benefactors.


Roza Davtyan, a resident of the village, says, “Who else from the  leaders did so much for the community? Changes are visible. She is hardworking, young woman, and everyone is happy with her work. ”


Shikahogh is one of the oldest settlements in Syunik. Has rich flora and fauna. Nature protection is also on the shoulders of the community. Being a protected area, the RA Ministry of Environment has been implementing a number of initiatives in Shikahogh in cooperation with the German Government and with the funding of KFW Bank within the framework of the “Support to Protected Areas-Armenia” project for several years.


Nare’s formula for success is self-confidence. She says she has heard different opinions about her tenure, but is moving and moving as she sees fit. She devours neither the malicious nor those praising her.


Nare started fishing this year. Of course, Dad’s help in this matter is invaluable, but she is sure she will succeed in business as well. Often there is a fish farm, and here are not only the fish, but also the beloved dogs. They are Nare’s loyal friends.


The district’s young administrative chief emphasizes that Shikahogh cannot be considered aging. There are young families, 7 kindergarten children, but there is no kindergarten in the village. They are thinking about solving this issue.


The other potential for community development is natural beauty. There are prerequisites for tourism. Nare still has ideas in this regard, but will soon put them on paper and think about taking action in this direction.


We could not help discussing topic of personal life. The young chief executive is single. She says that whoever is her spouse in the future, he should accept her as she is.

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