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Narine Grigoryan: From twenty years of teaching to the Council of the elders … / Multimedia

Narine Grigoryan appeared in her native Yeghegnadzor secondary school # 1 after graduating from the Pedagogical University. Mrs. Grigoryan has taught at the school history and social science so far.


We often talked to pupils about the subject of social science, debate on citizenship issues. Topics were initially difficult to perceive, so I decided to show them in my case, in fact, how an active citizen looks like. In collaboration with the municipality, we cleaned two large landfills, the river passing through the school, which turned into a dump. In small steps we tried to create a culture of pure culture in the community, “says Narine.


“Then we set up a paper recycling workshop in the school, where she pupils’ papers were handled, and we made paper for posters. That’s how my public work started. ”


During this time, I co-ordinated and administered a number of educational programs. The passivity of the community was of concern to community work, so we decided to bring them together through the Good Acts initiative. As a result, we managed to invest 1.5 million AMD in the community and set up a new children’s playground. Today, our goal is to make the community an active participant in implementing community programs, “says Narine.


His activeness was first mentioned and appreciated by another active woman, Karine Movsisyan, director of the Yeghegnadzor Women’s Resource Center. Not surprisingly, their paths  crossed one day.


Inspired by the active work of Goris Women’s Resource Center, Narine and Karine founded the Women’s Resource Center in Yeghegnadzor within the Women’s Resource Center Network, the goal of which is to strengthen and support women’s abilities through education and support.


The expansion of public activity was a great platform for Narine to engage seriously in political and social activities, to develop the city, solve problems, participate in decision making.


Karine Movsisyan’s admonitions and advice on the role of women in their role and decision-making process were appropriate. Narine decided to nominate a council member candidate for the 2016 local elections.


Narine Grigoryan’s 23-year pedagogical experience became a unique pre-election period, constant communication with the community and implementation of various programs, the activities of former female board members and the elimination of stereotypes about women’s participation in politics inspired her.


As a result of the enlargement of communities, Yeghegnadzor was considered a separate unit. Thanks to Mrs. Grigoryan, the community and youth ties have become closer, they are increasingly involved in volunteer activities, actively participating in urban events, and sometimes even in Yeghegnadzor City Council sessions.he important thing is how much the mayor is interested in the development of a small community. If he concentrated only on large settlements, naturally, the small ones will suffer, the villages will be settled. It is necessary to stop this process, to encourage young people who have left Yeghegnadzor to return to their homes.


“Women’s involvement in public life is very important. Unlike men, women go to work on foot, so they may notice a lot on their way. They are able to offer deep solutions, besides, women are free of corruption risks. Unfortunately, the number of women in the community council is small.


Multimedia story is available here.

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