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Narine Grigoryan. “We will overcome this trial too, let’s just be a little bit vigilant.”

“Throughout the whole peiod of the state of emergency in Yeghegnadzor community, they have been guided by one principle: the safety rules approved by the RA Commandant  are subject to mandatory implementation,” Narine Grigoryan, a member of the Vayots Dzor  Yeghegnadzor  community council, told womenet.am. According to her, 143 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID 19) have been confirmed in Vayots Dzor region as of June 29th. There are also those infected with coronavirus in Yeghegnadzor community.


According to Narine Grigoryan, in this situation caused by the coronavirus, they tried not only to provide the population with full information on the rules of personal hygiene, but also to demand care for the cleanliness of the settlement and the environment.


As she informs, during the days of the pandemic, in addition to economic and social issues, the issues aimed at the prevention of the pandemic are constantly discussed during the sessions of the Council of Elders of Yeghegnadzor Municipality. According to the established schedule, the members of the Council of Elders regularly carry out tours, following the sanitary condition of the community’s garbage collection, streets, yards, service facilities. The Yeghegnadzor Fire and Rescue Squad of the Vayots Dzor Regional Rescue Department is carrying out daily disinfection works on the streets of Yeghegnadzor community. 32 small and 15 large garbage bins have been installed in different parts of the city with the messages “Keep clean”, “Love nature”, “Love your city”.


The visit of the head of Yeghegnadzor community, the representatives of Vayots Dzor regional administration, members of the council of elders, the employees of the community hall is also of continuous nature.


– I must say that the population of Yeghegnadzor maintains order. In mid-May, a special regime was established in the Areni community of Vayots Dzor due to a coronavirus, and it is good that the spread of the infection to other communities was prevented. I myself often walk around Yeghegnadzor, enter the pharmacy, shop,   masks and other rules are are observed everywhere, the lines are made, disinfection materials are available, temperature measuring is done. On the streets, I notice residents wearing masks, are also some  who just don’t wear masks in a proper way. Well, we all know each other in the community, if I meet such a resident, I explain the need to wear the mask correctly, – says Narine.


The vast majority of Yeghegnadzor’s youth work abroad, and some have returned in recent days. There are relatively many elderly people, but they rarely go out on the streets.


“As has always been the case, the Yeghegnadzor municipality and philanthropists have always supported and continue to support socially vulnerable families and the elderly so that they can get out of the house as little as possible, stay at home and return to their health,” she said. According to her, if in this situation every citizen thinks soberly about the health of himself and those around him, there will be no need for decisions of state bodies. “Most of all, if the law is in force and there are safety rules, you have to obey them. Nothing is eternal, we will overcome this trial too, just let’s be a little bit vigilant, “Narine Grigoryan concludes.

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