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Narine Grigoryan: “Each of us is responsible for our city”


The solution is not only reserved for men in the community, it will bring only positive changes in women’s participation in the process of solving these problems, because the woman’s eye sees it, which often remains out of sight of men,” says Eghegnadzor council candidate Narine Grigoryan.



In an interview with WomenNet she said that it is  for the first time for her to run for elections. While she has always been involved in social work and has contributed to revealing and solving community problems. He is in school history and social science teacher Yeghegnadzor No. 1 school, non-partisan, Yeghegnadzor Women’s Resource Center board member of “Lucid Arpa” environmental NGO. She is married and has 2 daughters.



She comes up with the slogan “Let’s build our community.” According to him, there are many problems in Yeghegnadzor –  city roads, parking and entertainment establishment, it needs to solve the employment problem.



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