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I do not look for arguments, but ways of solution. Srbuhi Harutyunyan / Multimedia

Srbuhi Harutyunyan is the only female mayor of Lori province, and has been leading the community of Bazum with a population of 1,900. In 1970 she came from Gugark and got married in Bazum village. For many years she worked as an accountant in the village, and after the mayor did not nominate his candidacy for the mayor’s post because of health problems in 2008, Srhabi decided to run.


„In general, there is no men and women differentiated work. One can initiate and co-operate with any case hand in hand. There are moments, cases where man’s strength is needed – we can work together to make the right thing.”


At first, I was shrinking at the board meetings, I was ashamed to be present, more than 100 village heads were present and I was the only woman. Then I felt that it was not particularly noticeable by them, and it became so common. In general, it is very important for women to be in all spheres, to be heard, to address the targeted issues, “says Srbuhi.


During her tenure, she highlighted the community’s enlightenment, partial improvement of roads, grave and fencing.


Garbage boxes will soon be placed in a special fence, almost ready. We have built a community center with playgrounds and kindergarten. Today, 20 children attend kindergarten.


So far she has done a very important job. A village district was fully provided with drinking and irrigation water. But when it comes to the problem of urgent solution in the near future, it again points to the water. “The other districts of the village should have water,” she said.


“A woman is economically organized, and if she sets goals she definitely reaches her goal, and you know why, because she is never looking for excuses, but ways to solve them. That’s how I work and bring home, family, work. Everything you need to do, “Srbuhi Harutyunyan lives and works with this slogan.

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