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«Nature», the magazine found out whether there is discrimination against women in science 

Women scientists in the US and around the world have taken a huge way against discrimination but even today students and postgraduate students are facing unequal wages, career problems and facing “hidden” prejudice –   writes  journalist of “Nature” magazine Helen Shen.


Helen Lin Shen  quoted neurobiologist of the New York University Kiorpes’s example, who in the early 1970s, as a student,  wanted to become an engineer. According Kiorpesi, the first day of one of the professors of Northeastern University in Boston looked at the audience and said: “I see the female audience. I do not believe that women have a place in the field of engineering, so I personally will do my best to make you fail my course”.


The professor was not bluffing, says Kiorpese – all students eventually came out of the scope, and although now such statements seem to be incredible at American universities, the problems still exist, – say scientists polled by the magazine.


The statistics are not encouraging.


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