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Nelli Aloyan: Artashat resident has earned the right to live in dignity

Educator-psychologist Nelly Aloyan is one of 7 female candidates to run in the September 29 local government elections in Artashat. She promises that due to her persistence  she will pursue the tasks she needs to do, because she is also one of the victims of the current problems.


Working in the municipality of Artashat from 2007-2018 as an assistant to the mayor, she is well aware of all the problems of the city and its residents. The profession of psychologist has helped her to understand the pain of the resident’s soul, how much she has helped, how many she has been blessed with. The time has come to support the status of a council member today, the probability of which largely depends on the votes of the residents.


As a candidate for Council of Elders, Nelly included issues that have not been resolved since her assistant mayor years. The issues of garbage removal, street lighting and lighting, partial roof repairs and other issues mentioned in the mayor’s daily work schedule have never included issues of traffic regulation, installation of road signs, road marking updates and parking for cars. These are gaps that, according to Nelly, are no less important for the city. And if we add to this the need for street drainage and the construction of playgrounds in the yards, the council candidate hopes that residents interested in her pre-election program can vote for her.


According to her, the prosperity of public life in Artashat is not only a matter for the city authorities, it should also concern the population, who must treat the property of the city with care. And it is quite appropriate for Nelly Aloyan’s program provisions that meetings with the population should be arranged frequently, not by choice, and the subject of conversation should be the concerns of the city, the courtyard, the caring attitude towards the building, the tree, the flower, the fence and the bench; with the logic that Artashat is their home.


Citing a tradition that has become a tradition in recent years,  Nelly does not yet see  Institute of the Council of Elders as sustained, as a community leader as a rule striving to have his/her preferred council so that he/she can establish uncontrolled power.


She highlights honesty among humane features, and although she has suffered greatly because of being honest,  still prefers to continue to live and act honestly.


And there are many such women. According to Nelly, any link works perfectly where equal participation of men and women is ensured. When a woman and a man are faced with a problem, the woman, being more cautious, also offers solutions much faster and takes practical steps.

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