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How to “cure” your business? Nika Manukova’s prescription

SIGNUM Consulting Company, created by Nika Manukova, is operating in three directions. But the main direction is a business clinic, which is an innovative concept having no analogues in the world.


Speaking to WomenNet.am, Nika Manukova mentioned that the idea fully complies with its name, diagnosis of business “illnesses” and assessment of its consequences, and then treatment with the involvement of specialists. Our interlocutor noted that diagnostics is not a novelty, but the specificity of their activity is that different clinical consulting companies are gathered under their clinic, in collaboration with which the business problem is solved.


– We have several successful projects, including joint work with international organizations. When we started to realize that we could not have the result by only providing consultation,  because the consultants are leaving the enterprise after completing their work. The latter, being unable to follow the advice, again  returns to old diseases. That is to say, as with a sick person, the consistent control of the specialist is extremely important. We have opened a school, a school of business qualification, where we prepare the team’s representatives. By the way, we are currently engaged in the propaganda of this idea, after which the idea will be offered to different countries.


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