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Nine Alexanyan: “Corruption will be reduced in communities where women will be more involved”

On February 17, there are snap elections held in Margara community of Armavir region. 13 candidates were nominated,  3 are women. WomenNet.am hold an Interview with Ninel Alexanyan who is one of those candidates. She says, being a council member, she will have greater leverage to make improvements in the community.


Born in Margara village in 1979, graduated from secondary school in Margara, then in 1996 entered YSU Faculty of Law. After graduating from study she did not work, got married and took care of two children.


  • The community does not have a kindergarten, the burden of the children is on the shoulders of women. If there were a kindergarten many women would look for work, they would come out of the house. Many do not even sit their hands folded, they are engaged in agriculture, but that does not give them the opportunity to move forward or develop. In the village we do not have entertainment places, where young people, why not also women will be slightly detached from their everyday concerns. Margara is a border village but there is no street lighting. The streets of the village are in such a bad condition, and children go to school on dirty roads. The community does not have irrigation and drinking water. All these issues require urgent solutions for our community.


In order to address all of these problems, community residents should work together to achieve success by focusing on human resources. And it does not matter, whether a woman or a man, a person involved in that job, the most important thing is to be able to contribute, to propose new ideas. The Council has an important role in the community life. If elected, I will try to do more with community members and make them a participant in community decision-making. I will help all this process with my knowledge of the legal field.


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