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Join  the  contest  “Top 10 Armenian Women-Innovators” 

WomenNet.am announces a competition for Journalistic essay on theme “Top 10 Armenian Women- Innovators”. The Materials for the competition should be presented the stories about the women who were successful in bringing innovations in any area, whether in economy, business, politics, agriculture, science or social life, in the field of information technology or art. 


Authors of the top ten works and heroes of their materials, innovative women, will receive prizes. One author can submit more than one material. All materials submitted to the contest will be published at WomenNet.am.


The deadline for submission of materials is April 10, 2018. The results of the competition will be summarized in May  2018.


You can send items to e-mail: womennetam@gmail.com

or send a message on WomenNet.am Facebook page.



Photo  from the DigiTec -2017 technology exhibition




The contest is held within WomenNet.am’s “Woman and Innovation” project,

with the support of the Lush Charity Pot benevolent  Initiative.


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