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Ofelia Revazyan. “Men also need a woman’s hand. a creative, living and beautifying hand… ”

Ofelya Revazyan, who is one of three women running for council of elders here in Sarigyugh, is one of the candidates running for the upcoming local government elections. Ofelyan has been working at the Ijevan Military Commissariat for 21 years. After the death of her husband, freedom fighter Hamlet Atabekyan, she had to take care of the family and take care of her three children 2, 10 and 12 years old alone.


– At that time I was 30 years old, I had never worked anywhere, my husband had been taking care of all the family matters, and I was raising our children. After losing him, I found myself in an almost impossible situation. It was very difficult, even though my parents were by my side, but I felt I needed to be strong. The military commissar of the time, who was highly respected and appreciated by my husband, offered me a job at the military commissariat. I didn’t want to accept a job offer, I avoided working in a men’s environment, but my father urged me to go to work, saying there was no need to worry. So, I decided to work. I remember the first time I went to the military commissary, I was so excited, though almost everyone knew me, they knew I was Hamlet’s wife. Even in the absence of my husband, his name was said to have served as a passport, paving the way for me, – Ofelya Revazyan shares her difficulties and past fears.


Ofelya Revazyan has been hardened over time, strengthened in character, armed with skills and knowledge.


Sarigyugh’s women often meet with neighbors and relatives. It is a sad fact, but there are many women whose husbands died in the border village. During everyday conversations, women raise many issues and one day they decide to solve them. And on this way, one of the first points is to have a representative in the council. The wives of dead soldiers have offered to nominate Ophelya. It turns out that she will become their ambassador to the council.


Ofelia Revazyan realizes the seriousness and importance of her decision. Ofelia Revazyan did not write a special election program, but the list of priority issues for the village is written in her ideological approach.


– The primary issue is the issue of water in the village, but at the same time we need to think about the development of different areas, culture should be emphasized and create an environment in the village that if the child has any interest, or is talented, will be able to discover and develop it. This is very important for our people.


Although, I think that if a person wants, he will stay in the village. True, often work is not properly paid in our country, but if one wants, creates, finds ways.


Ofelia Revazyan praises national traditions, but urges that they should not be confused with postmodernism.


In fact, a woman is more risky, powerful, hardworking, she wants to get what she wants and always create something new and good. But without a man it is very difficult. Truth is born of mutual respect and agreement, of mutual consent. I come to the council not to rule, but to do something good for my village as a result of a healthy consensus… I have lived here for most of my 16 years, so this is my native village. I want to be elected, all three of us (meaning the three female candidates) and together we should do a good job for Sarigyugh, both in the family and in the community, as there is also need for a woman’s hand in managing the village. Creating, living, beautifying hand…

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