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Stella Kiriakides was elected as the 30th PACE President

After the forced resignation of Pedro Argamunt, the crisis over the chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) was resolved. Head of the Cyprus delegation to PACE Stella Kiriakides was elected president of the Assembly.


According to the results of the voting, Stella Kiryakides received 132 votes, while the other candidate, Lithuania’s representative Emanuelis Zinger, received 84 votes. They both were members of the EPP, but the party announced that they supported Zinger. Despite this, Stella Girikieres won. By the way, the members of the Armenian delegation also voted for her.


“Stella Kiryakidis, PACE President, was elected, despite all the unprecedented pressure exerted by the EPP leadership and quite a few members. As one of my European colleagues has noticed, “In this election, the Assembly itself regained its hope.” He meant that in a very difficult situation, the Assembly managed to unite around a truly unbiased candidate, “Arpine Hovhannisyan, Head of the Armenian delegation to PACE, wrote on her Facebook page after the voting.


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