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Panorama.am. “Women’s potential will be used in passing pivotal decisions for the country”

News Agency Panorama.am reports  that the  RA President, Chairman of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Serzh Sargsyan met on  5 February  in Tsakhkadzor with the representatives of the female members of the RPA.  At  meeting, the female Party members asked the President to present his views and approaches on country’s internal life, the upcoming parliamentary elections, a greater involvement of women in the works of the legislative body after changes to be made at the RA Electoral Code (increasing the quote of women’s representation in party lists up to  20%, mandated by the Electoral Code  – ed. ) .


“President didn’t name anybody to be comprised in the proportionate list . Addressed only the question of the representation of women on the list,” MP Hermine Naghdalyan told Panorama.am after the meeting in Tsaghkadzor.


“The names don’t matter, but the principles and political will that the party has adopted. And the developed Electoral Code gives an opportunity to increase women’s representation not only in lawmaking but in executive fields, and women’s potential will be used in passing pivotal decisions for the country,” noted the MP.


Naira Nahapetyan, RPA member of council of elders’ of Yerevan, has said President signifies the potential of women and has highlighted this issue in a meeting with the women.


“Those stereotypes that woman should do but housing and cooking are broken and President’s words are evidence that we’re living in a new century,” N. Nahapetyan said.



6 February, 2012




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