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The number of women deputies in the new parliament has increased

The first session of the National Assembly of the seventh convocation will be convened on January 14 at 10:00. This became known after the Central Electoral Commission’s January 4 special session.


The commission also approved the applications for self-withdrawal of MP candidates. In total, 20 candidates have withdrawn from the mandate of the deputy, 18 of which are from the “My Step” bloc, and 2 from the “Bright Armenia” party.


Let us remind you that the new National Assembly will have 132 deputies. The “My Step” bloc will have 88 seats, the Prosperous Armenia Party – 26, and the “Bright Armenia” – 18 seats.


At the newly elected National Assembly, 32 out of 132 members or 24% are women. For comparison, 19 out of 105 members of the National Assembly of the previous convocation were women.


It should also be noted that 32% of the 1444 candidates included in the proportional list were women. Let’s remind that half of the seats in the National Assembly are allocated in accordance with the votes collected by the regional lists, and the other half in the order of proportional lists. The representation of women in the amount of quotas established by the Electoral Code only provided the “My Step” alliance faction.


Of the 88 members of the “My Step” bloc, 23 are women (26%), 9 of them have been selected from rating lists, and 14 are nationwide.


Five of the 26 mandates belonging to the Prosperous Armenia Party (19%) are women.


Four of the 18 mandates of the “Bright Armenia party were women (22.2%). Mane Tandilyan, the only female candidate to be elected from the territorial lists, is from the constituency # 4.


Before the first session of the newly elected National Assembly, on January 10th, the mandates of the elected MPs are envisaged. It will be held at the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.

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