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What will the image of the newly elected National Assembly be? Final results

The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Armenia, within the timeframe established by law, presented the final results of the parliamentary elections held on December 9th, 2018, which are almost no different from the initial ones.


According to CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan, the total number of voters in Armenia was 2 593 140, 1 million 260 840 citizens or 48.63% of voters participated in the voting. Number of invalidated ballot papers 4706.


The “My Step” bloc out of the three parliamentary seats receives 84 mandates with four seats mandated by the national minority, i.e. 88 mandates in total. Out of 88 mandates, 42 have been included in the national electoral list, and 42 by territorial lists.


Thus, as a result of the December 9th parliamentary elections, the RA NA 7th convocation will have 132 deputies. At the moment, it is not clear who will get the MP mandates from the list of candidates, and how many deputies will be elected by the newly elected parliament. Any prediction in this issue is premature because the decisions made by political forces depend on self-withdrawal and executive appointments. This is especially true of the “My Step” alliance, which forms the parliamentary majority. With rough estimates, taking into account possible appointments, about 30 women candidates can get mandates.


It is not clear yet when the first session of the newly elected parliament will be convened. Until December 21st, political forces can appeal the election results. At the end of the appeal period, the deadline for self-withdrawal will follow. After that, the CEC will pass the decision on handing over the mandates and will announce the day of the first session of the 7th convocation. At the very first sitting, according to the law of the National Assembly, the deputies will elect NA Speaker, Vice Presidents, and the commissions will be formed.


This time the NA will not elect a Prime Minister, as in the case of the newly elected parliament, according to the law, the President of the Republic appoints the Prime Minister nominated by the Parliamentary majority.


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