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Women’s representation at the National Assembly makes 18%. Another woman received a mandate / Infographic

19 of 105 or 18% of the MPs of the sixth convocation in RA National Assembly are women. Among them, one woman, Tatiana Mikaelian, was on the list of representatives of national minorities, and both were elected from the regional lists, Mane Tandilyan “Yelq” Nora Arustamian from “Tsarukyan” alliance who received mandate today. The rest of the women MPs were elected by the national lists.


In the previous session, women made up 10 per cent of the National Assembly and the outcome of this election could be considered a step forward, if not to the Electoral Code expectations of the quota confirming at least 25 per cent female representation that are actually again not justified. In this regard, Gyumri and Vanadzor elections even worked much more efficiently by providing a quota of 24% women councils.


Thus, at least 25 percent representation of women enshrined in the Electoral Code, only one of the political parties passing the National Assembly has been able to provide. Although 30% of candidates from the lists of political parties participating in the parliamentary elections were women.


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