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“We are your defenders.” the episodes of discussing women’s issues

WomenNet.am presents the remarkable episodes of the event titled “Civil Society – National Platform for Cooperation, Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities for Women and Men”, which took place on March 8 in the Gilded Hall of the National Assembly.


The aim of the event was to announce the launch of a platform for cooperation between the political forces and civil society in the National Assembly, for which the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Assembly and concerned CSOs signed as part of the event. The platform is aimed at promoting bilateral dialogue and effective work for the equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women.

Margarita Hakobyan,

Executive Director of OxYGen Foundation

“Creating a platform for cooperation between the political forces and civil society in the National Assembly was announced today by signing a joint memorandum. We expect that cooperation within the framework of this platform will be constructive and we will be able to jointly solve the problems facing women and men in the field of equal rights and equal opportunities in our country … ”

Lotta Johnson Fornaway:

Vice-Speaker of the Swedish Parliament

“In 2018, Armenia managed to send a powerful message to the world, once again consolidating democracy, human rights and the rule of law, managed to show that positive change without losses is possible” …

Lena Nazaryan,

NA Vice President:

“We were not told stories about many women who have struggled with their work or example, they did not teach us in schools and even in universities, but we enjoy today the freedoms and rights that have been conquered and realized by these women. Therefore, March 8 is first of all a day of gratitude to all the women in the world who have made vigor, effort and life before us in the fight for the liberation of women and women’s issues … And if flowers on the occasion of  March 8  –  just as a sign of solidarity with women struggle for full-fledged rights…

Judith Farnworth,

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Armenia.

“We encourage, strengthen, create platforms, and I’m optimistic that this platform is also an additional opportunity for women’s potential to fully utilize talent. I am confident that this is possible if women are given a full opportunity to use their potential. ”

Naira Zohrabyan,

PAP MP, chairman of the Human Rights Protection and Public Affairs Committee.

“We have not been able to overcome many complexes yet, to overcome 3” no-s “, not to be afraid, dimmed and unwilling. Do not be afraid to break stereotypes, not be afraid to be the first. Do not be discouraged … Do not waste your time and energy … We need to be able to see problems among ourselves, let each one become leaders that can change the environment, can tell girls around –  smile, head up and go on, because you deserve it … “.

Mane Tandilian

Member of the “Bright Armenia” faction.

“Sensitive gender policy is not cheap, but it is necessary, and its long-term compensation is guaranteed. The countries with high women’s involvement have a high level of development.”

Tamara Hovnatanyan,

President of ProMedia-Gender NGO

“As a basis for cooperation, we consider three important international documents in which Armenia has assumed obligations. These include the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Beijing Action Plan and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the goal of ensuring that 50/50 women and men equal to 2030 participation in all spheres “…

Maria Karapetyan,

Member of the “My Step” faction.

“We, women, have a lot of common needs, dreams and a common vision, agenda and struggle to achieve them …”

Gayane Abrahamyan,

Member of the “My Step” faction.

“The improper involvement of women in the public life is a heavy burden for the state, and the neglect of women is quite costly to the state. We have big losses because of gender inequality … “.

Lara Aharonyan:

  Head of Women’s Resource Center

“When we say that more women should be in the NA, in the government, it is already part of the law and nobody will say, including the prime minister,  that we want but there are no women. The question should not be  –  we want, but there are no, but why are not there and what should I do and what we all should do to include women? “…

Naira Arakelyan,

Director of “Armavir Development Center” NGO.

“We should engage not only Armenian women, but also the rights of women representing national minorities living in Armenia”.

Arman Gharibyan,

Co-founder of the NGO “Human Rights Power”.

“Today we talk a lot about what women should do, by putting complicated work on eliminating gender inequality only on the shoulders of women, whereas we, men, are the main culprits of inequality, so we have more to do … And the first step we can do – rejecting the privileged status and refusing it … “.

Zaruhi Hovhannisyan,


  Coordinator of the “Coalition to Stop Violence against Women” – human rights activist.

“We are your defenders because you are not protected by the mandate and are in higher positions. It is not so, because the society is relentless to women … Remember that there are women who are dealing with women’s rights and will protect you from any attacks. ”


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