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“A problem to which we cannot close our eyes any longer”: blitz survey in the Parliament

During the Plenary Session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia WomenNet.am surveyed the deputies before the discussion of the draft law “On Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection of Domestic Violence Victims and Restoration of Solidarity in the Family”, in order to find out their attitude.


Eduard Sharmazanov,


NA Vice President, RPA Faction:


“This version of the draft law is more acceptable than the previous one …”


“I have repeatedly stated that there were concerns in the draft law, and I and my colleagues had made a number of suggestions. I can say that the main proposals we have made have been accepted and some will be discussed at the National Assembly session. But now, getting acquainted with the amended version, I can say that this version of the draft law is more acceptable than the previous one … ”


Suren Manukyan,

ARF Faction:

“It’s obvious that there is misinterpretation of the bill”


“I am against any violence, and it does not matter whether that violence is in the family or beyond. It is also evident that there is misinterpretation of the draft law, people are misunderstood or incomprehensibly perceive  its content. But the ARF is generally in favor of the law, with some changes, so we are going to make suggestions. What we will find in the course of our discussion will be discussed during the discussions. At this point, I am not ready to mention them, as we have not yet discussed the faction”.


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