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Lena Nazaryan and Mane Tandilyan will be nominated for Vice-speakers of the National Assembly

The “My Step” alliance, which has won more than 70% confidence vote in December 9th, has decided to nominate the candidacy of First Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan for NA speaker, Alain Simonyan and Lena Nazaryan will run for vice speakers. Allen Simonyan informed the journalists about this yesterday.


Simonyan added that the candidacy of Acting Minister of Culture Lilit Makunts was nominated for the post of the head of the “My Step” parliamentary faction, and Hakob Simidyan – the secretary of the faction.


It has also become known today that the “Bright Armenia” faction will nominate Mane Tandilian’s candidacy for the post of the third deputy speaker of the National Assembly. Ani Samsonyan, spokesperson for the “Bright Armenia” party wrote about it on her Facebook page. Let us remind that in the National Assembly, according to the regulations, the vice speakers are three and the position of the third vice-speaker is reserved to the opposition.


As to the composition of the future Government, the post of the current state officials, the future governors of the parliament, according to Alen Simonyan, “the issue of the executive has not been decided yet.”


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