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“We want peace.” Artsakh women and children continue protest actions

Artsakh women who were displaced from Artsakh due to targeted shelling by civilians and found refuge in Yerevan with their children today again protested in front of the European Union office in Armenia. It should be reminded that for more than a week now they have been voicing their protest in front of the diplomatic missions accredited in Armenia, international organizations, demanding not to remain silent and to give an adequate assessment to the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh.


“By their silence, they are violating their own legislation and declared values. And we say during the actions, where are your values, legal norms that should operate in Artsakh, why do they not reach Artsakh? “All these norms must work for the protection of human rights, for the peace and humanity that these structures carry,” say the women of Artsakh.


The participants of the action informed that they also passed a letter to the US Ambassador. They say they will wait a week, if the answer to the letter is late, they will go to the US embassy again.


“The ceasefire announced at the moment is already being violated, the world must hear the voice of the mother and wife of Artsakh, this is a peaceful demonstration, where we want to make it heard that people who live in Artsakh, have rights. “And we demand the realization of those rights,” they said.


The women gathered in front of the EU Delegation to Armenia and demanded a meeting with the Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Andrea Victorin, to whom they plan to hand over the letter from the women of Artsakh.


The gathered people were shouting. “Recognize the independence of Artsakh”, “Do not be blind”, “We want peace”…


“We demand that you impose sanctions on Turkey and Azerbaijan, we demand that you do not equate everything that is happening in Artsakh, so that we have the right to live and create on our land. We demand that the EU not be silent either, “said Irina Safaryan, one of the protesters.


“We demand from the EU that the Artsakh issue not be viewed in the context of territorial integrity. We have been massacred and slaughtered for years, and the same thing is happening today. Your silence is a criminal participation in all this.


The security officer of the EU office informed that due to the epidemic, there are no other people in the office except the security guards. The protesters were urged to either hand over the letter or approach the office with three people tomorrow at 11 am so that someone could host them.

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