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Five women have been appointed for deputy ministers. Who are they?


By the recent decisions of the government, several regional governors have been appointed. These appointments were favorable for women. It became clear today that four women were appointed deputy governors at once. It should be reminded that none of the regions in the country is headed by a woman.


Anahit Sargsyan was appointed deputy governor of Aragatsotn province, Nane Asatryan was appointed deputy governor of Vayots Dzor, Larisa Madoyan was appointed deputy governor of Kotayk region and Hermine Hambardzumyan, deputy governor of Syunik region. Their biographies have not been officially announced yet, but we have been able to find out some information about the new regional deputy governors.


Let us mention that there are no women among the three deputy governors of Tavush. In Syunik, one of the three regional governors is a woman, as we mentioned earlier, Hermine Harutyunyan. In Gegharkunik, where women have many problems (let’s remember that most men are leaving abroad for work, women have many health problems due to heavy work), there are no women in the regional administration. The three regional governors are men. There are no female deputy governors in Armavir, Ararat, Lori. It turns out that there are only one female deputy governor in each of five out of ten provinces in Armenia. In total, there are five women currently from 30 regional administrations.


Of course, compared to the previous government, the number of regional administrations has increased, but this figure is far from satisfactory. It should be reminded that during the rule of the former authorities there were two women in the positions of deputy governors: Armavir, Larisa Muradyan and Nune Movsisyan in Aragatsotn.


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