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Women conducted a silent protest demanding the release of Gevorg Safaryan


Yesterday “Members of the Women’s Front” wearing prisoner’s clothes conducted silent demonstration in front of the Police Department demanding the release of Gevorg Safaryan This is reported by Panorama.am.


They keep the posters with the following messages – “Do not rape the justice”, “Freedom to civil prisoners in Armenia”, “No to dictatorship, women require” . After a few minutes standing silently in front of the police station more than a dozen women marched Republic Square, holding the chain.


Here, the closed circuit formed by the women who was discussing their future plans, the police approached them. This aroused the anger of women.


In fact, when women wanted to take a taxi and leave, some taxi drivers parking at the Republic Square, refused to serve them.


Let’s recall that Gevorg Safaryan was arrested on January 3th.  On the night of December 31, he and other activists tried to put a Christmas tree in Yerevan’s Liberty Square, which ended in a clash with police. Safaryan was charged for violence against a police officer.


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