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Hermine Naghdalyan presented to European female colleagues the proposed quota changes to the Electoral Code


On April 9th, the executive session of EPP Women and the seminar “Women in leadership” was held in Prague which was attended by the head of the RPA Women’s Council, Deputy Speaker the National Assembly Hermine Naghdalyan.


NA Vice President’s Office reports that the RPA Women’s Council in October 2015, was elected observer member of the EPP a majority of the votes of EPP executive representatives of the and works closely with women’s organizations of all leading parties – EPP members,  raising the issues tl for Armenia.


Two days ago at the EPP’s executive body session Hermine Naghdalyan draw attention of her European female political colleagues to the large-scale military operations by Azerbaijan along the line of contact with Nagorno Karabakh in the beginning of April and as a result – to the fact of many victims of violence, including civilians, children shooting, the shelling of residential areas, etc.


The official of EPP party of women, ,  provided to women,  most of whom are members of the European Parliament, the proof of evidence of atrocities committed by Azerbaijani militants  – informative articles, photos and international press coverage.


Hermine Naghdalyan stressed in her speech that Azerbaijan’s aggression was accompanied by a large-scale violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, the Geneva Conventions and numerous other flagrant defiance of international, while in 1994 signed a tripartite ceasefire is Azerbaijan’s obligation.


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