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MPs propose to apply a 33% quota in extraordinary parliamentary elections

A working group set up to reform the electoral legislation in the National Assembly of Armenia has decided to propose the government that the Electoral Code, which will come into force in 2021, will work for the upcoming extraordinary parliamentary elections, according to which the proportion of candidates in the party lists should be 30/70.


This provision will ensure that every third or 33% of women in the political parties’ proportional lists are women. It is also suggested to fix the code that the next election that is scheduled to be held in 2024, the proportion of male and female candidates will be 40/60, or 2 out of every 5 of the lists will be women.


The representatives of the NA factions came to that decision at the regular session of the parliamentary working group on July 27th. The discussions on the proper representation of women in parliament were discussed, which were presented by extra-parliamentary political forces and civil society. On one of the proposals, the views of the four Armenian parliamentary factions almost coincided, and there was a mutual agreement.


In essence, the political forces represented in the parliament agreed that in the upcoming elections each party will form their lists on a basis – each third is woman. And the demand for the 40/60 correlation of the civil society postponed until the next election of 2024. It should be noted however that the proportion of male and female candidates in the lists will only be converted into the same de facto representation in the National Assembly if there is a clear proportional representation system without open or rating lists. Meanwhile, not all members of the political forces represented in the parliament have agreed with the idea of abandoning ​​open lists.


In any case, the RA NA factions will summarize the proposals they accept and submit them to the Committee on Reforms of the Electoral Legislation adjunct to the RA Prime Minister.


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