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Women in the electoral lists of parties. What do young people think about it?


A heated debate going on these days on the draft Electoral Code, also involves young people who  are  interested. WomenNet.am tried to figure out their views on the proposals and the provisions of the Electoral Code, which governs the representation of women in candidate lists of political parties and the National Assembly. In particular, it is about the number of women included in party lists, as well as the withdrawals.



Hayk Toroyan _ 27 years old

“At present 30% must be women in election list, later, when Armenia becomes a democratic country, it can be eliminated and set equal competition. But as long as there is no democracy yet, there should be so- called “the positive discrimination” in support of women. When women lay down the mandate, it should be forwarded to the next woman, as representation of women in the lists is often formal, then they make them lay down that the mandate, and it is passing to men”.

Lusine Gevorgyan _ 31 years old

“Women should make up 50% and when some of them lay down the mandate, it should be given to the next woman to ensure balance”.


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