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“Full involvement of women ‘s potential is a strategic task for us”

As part of independence 29th anniversary celebrations, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today presented Armenia’s Transformation Strategy by 2050 at Matenadaran. In attendance were members of government, students and schoolchildren.


“The 30-year transformation strategy is important for us to understand what we want, where we are going and how we represent our Motherland, the Republic of Armenia in 2050”, – Nikol Pashinyan noted that this strategy refers not only to the reforms, but also to the transformations that must take place in all types of public relations, as a result of which we will be able to achieve a jump-start development.


Dwelling on the ideological basis of the strategy, the Prime Minister noted: “The proposed changes are based on our national values, national goals and public demand. We need to understand what is the transformation’s ultimate goal and what task are we setting thereby? Of course, the most powerful ideological basis is the recently adopted National Security Strategy, which outlines the whole range of our national values, though 4 basic values can be singled out from a strategic point of view:


  1. Armenian statehood: statehood is the only tool that allows us to make crucial decisions. We perceive statehood as a key value, and in this respect, I consider it important to state that our statehood’s viability and eternity is a practical issue that we must solve.
  2. Education: Education is a cornerstone, it is the only tool with which we can identify our problems and find relevant solutions.
  3. Individual: family and society consist of individuals, and we consider the individual to be a national asset. By the way, I consider the individual effort to be a dominant idea in today’s Armenia.
  4. Labor: labor is the only instrument through which we can tap our creative potential. The government must implement a policy conducive to high-quality education, individual freedoms and people’s self-development, so that they could materialize their creative potential through labor.


The Premier noted that another core element is the statement of our national goals – the eternity of the Armenian statehood, the importance of Armenian citizenship, the preservation and development of our national identity and the mobilization of the pan-Armenian potential.


Coming to the formation of a pan-Armenian axis, Nikol Pashinyan underscored that by saying consolidation of pan-Armenian potential, we should imply equal participation of men and women in decision-making processes at both national and state levels.


“Women are a majority in our country, but several factors have prevented them to make use of their full potential in public life, including the Armed Forces, the economy and the system of state administration. By saying consolidated pan-Armenian potential, we should imply not only Armenians worldwide, but also those social layers, in particular women whose potential can be used effectively while there are no institutional mechanisms or a public consensus. The effective use of this potential is a strategic task for us,” the Head of Government said.


“In the near future we will have a website referred to as “Armenia-2050,” which will become a working platform for discussion, suggestions and criticism. When we saw in the new year of 2020, I declared that we had to shift to strategic management. We planned to hold this presentation in April – on Citizens Day, but we postponed it for well-known reasons. From now on, we must adhere to the principle of strategic management in our daily activities: any decision made by a state authority must have a logical and practical connection with the Strategy,” the Premier emphasized.


In conclusion, Prime Minister Pashinyan answered the questions of interest to the audience.

A. Hakobyan: “The power of a free and independent Armenia is not only its free and independent, brave sons, but also its daughters”

Spouse of the Armenian prime minister Anna Hakobyan addressed a congratulatory message on Armenia’s Independence Day.


“Independence Day is a special message to better know ourselves, our country, identity, history, opportunities and our potential.


Country’s independence and freedom start from the individual’s independence and freedom. Country is independent, free and strong only in case when each of its citizen, regardless of gender, age, social and health condition, feels himself free, independent, strong and protected in that country.


Today women make up the majority of our society, and unfortunately, many of them break stereotypes every day for working with their preferred profession, living a dignified life, protecting their rights and the rights of their children in different situations, demonstrating a civil consciousness or assuming responsibility towards the state’s future”, the PM’s wife said, congratulating all Armenians on the 29th anniversary of Armenia’s Independence.


Sources: Official website of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia




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