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Ruzanna Martirosyan “I Don’t Leave My Job Unfinished”

One of the two female candidates running for the local council elections in Anushavan
community of Artik region of Shirak province is Ruzanna Martirosyan, 30, a Russian
language teacher at the community school. Although nominated and running for local
government elections for the first time, she is confident that her participation will contribute
to the implementation of community development programs.

The husband and son who have left Russia for work abroad, who are not against Ruzanna’s
decision, know that Ruzanna will be able to cope with her diligence and school work and home care.


Ruzanna’s supporters are also her daughter and daughter-in-law Mane, who is the
director of the community’s renovated art school.


For many years at school, Ruzanna is well aware of the social status of her students and their
families and knows what programs are needed to improve their living conditions.
According to Ruzanna, Anushavan community is one of the developed communities, has a
well-equipped school, a kindergarten, two libraries, an art school, an aid station, a
communication hub. The streets are well-lit, well-lit, and thanks to the mayor, garbage
collection is carried out three times a week. According to Ruzanna, the cleanliness of the
ravine running through the village is also a testament to the level of living of the population.
Anushavan is one of the rare villages where young people return to the village after receiving
their education in the capital. Among them are young doctors, lawyers, international experts
and other professionals whose potential Ruzanna will certainly use if elected.


According to the councilor, one of the unsolved problems in the village is the problem of
drinking and irrigation water. They are not particularly excited about the prospect of
community enlargement in the near future, as residents find that it is better to continue living
as they used to, so they will manage their community budget as intended.


“I am not sure about being elected, maybe not, but it will be a trial for me. Look, my
husband’s brother has also been nominated for a council of elders. In fact, two members of the
house are going to have an interesting race, but I’m not worried”, Ruzanna says.


Ruzanna Martirosyan has a business plan that wants to set up a garment and fruit shop in the
village, of course, with the help of a sponsor, to create jobs for women so that women can also
get out of the house and make money.


Ruzanna does not plan long-distance plans because she thinks life and time dictate when and
what is more appropriate.

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