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The SafeYOU mobile app against gender-based violence

The new application “SafeYOU” created by Armenian IT specialists will help prevent the possible tragic consequences of domestic violence.


The “SafeYOU” mobile application developed by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) was recently presented at the World Bank Armenia office and announced the launch of the process of delivering it to users. If the app proves its effectiveness and viability in the pilot phase, it can become a useful innovation tool to reduce the number of victims and victims of gender-based violence worldwide and to prevent it.


The app was created to combat gender-based violence (SPD) through the World Bank Group’s 2018 Innovation Development Platform Award.


By downloading the app on her mobile phone, in the event of violence, the woman may at one click send a message to law enforcement agencies, inform the organizations concerned and support agencies by voice or text message. As a result, a woman in a difficult situation of life will be assisted as soon as possible by police and NGO staff, regardless of where the abuser is at the moment, whether she has changed her location or remained at the same address. That is, the app also indicates the location of the user who called for help.


The app also allows the user to get information on the locations of shelters and organizations providing the services they need.


The app has been developed for both IOS and Android mobile technologies. This innovative solution can help individuals, communities, and states combat gender-based violence.


The app is provided with text messaging and audio recording capabilities, access to information, support and consulting services and a forum (thematic chat rooms) to serve as a safe space for discussions. The app design specialists and supporters believe in its success. it can save lives.


Speaking to WomenNet.am, Enterprise Incubator Foundation President Bagrat Yengibaryan informed that the application could not be downloaded right now as they are  negotiating with Google and Apple to place it in their markets.


“It seems to me that in two weeks or a month it will be possible to download. We have announced that the app is ready. It is intended not only for Armenian users, ”the fund’s chairman said.


Eleven winners were selected from over 250 entries from around the world at last year’s competition. The only winner from the Europe and Central Asia region was the Enterprise Incubator Foundation of Armenia. “We were the only ones in the region to respond to this. The pilot will be implemented in Armenia and then spread to different partner countries. During the pilot we will try to understand to what extent technological solutions will help solve the problems of violence, ”said Bagrat Yengibaryan.


The award was given to EIF for its initiative to develop mobile applications and digital technologies that can empower women with real-time expert support and information, in addition to gathering the most relevant data needed for more comprehensive policy awareness.


“We were just interested in technology, but we found ourselves in another no less interesting and important field. Tomorrow we will be able to prevent violence against children and other population groups worldwide, as this is a terrible situation in the world, ”said the director of the foundation, stressing that further work would be based on the results of the pilot project.


In the meantime, they are going to solve a number of issues, including the privacy of information. “We will discuss all these issues and try to solve some problems. We are not going to solve all the issues tomorrow, we are open for discussion because we have the technical potential, ”he said.


After receiving the award, EIF 2018 December 15-16 organized a 24-hour storytelling inviting IT teams and SPS experts to share their experiences and innovative ideas and join the development and design of the proposed app. As a result of the hackathon, the team was created and a mobile app called “Safe YOU” was developed.

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