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Women participating in the Battle of Sardarapat


In 1918 dozens of women were fighting alongside the men in  Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa, battles upon which he depended on the fate of the Armenian people. Almost a century later after the events, the information on them was not stored. On the occassion of the Day of Armenia’s First Republic NEWS.am- represented surviving biographies of several Armenian women who directly participated in the May events. Information is provided by the staff  of “Sardarapat” State Museum of demographics.


Nshkhe Qamalyan was among them. She was born in Bash-Aparan. In 1918 on May 21-29, dressed in military uniform, gun in her hand, she was fighting together with his fellow villager Gyaran Movsesian.


In 1932 she entered into a farm, worked as a guard, in collective farm fuel storage until retirement. She was never married. She died in 1970. Nubar Grigoryan, Elen Byuzand, Tamara Behbutova were actively participating in battles and each of them has her huge contreibution in that hard process.


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