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Sevan Petrosyan: “I’m concerned about the blind worship”


WomenNet.am held an Interview with Sevan Petrosyan, nominated for the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) party’s election list in Yerevan City Council Elections.


She was born in 1978 in France. She lives and works in Yerevan. She is Master of Comparative Law at American University of Armenia. She is the Project Manager of World Vision Armenia’s “Care for Equality” program. Sevan Petrosyan has worked for many years in human rights and development. She also has experience in developing defense and policy in political and diplomatic offices in Europe, the Middle East, and the South Caucasus. Since 1997 she is a member of the ARF.


Though our interlocutor often has very interesting observations on women’s role in society and women’s political participation, we have decided to leave the analysis of these issues for the future. At the moment, according to Sevan Petrosyan, she is more concerned about the general atmosphere of elections.


  • When I participated in the Dashnaktsutyun program, we did not all realize that the difference between the others would be great. But for me, in the case of Dashnaktsutyun, the factor of Diaspora should be separated. Dashnaktsutyun is ready to involve the Diaspora in processes both in Armenia and in Yerevan, as Dashnaktsutyun is the force, the party that knows the Diaspora, has influence and prestige in the Diaspora, has a huge contribution to its formation and, accordingly, with the Diaspora the connection is completely different.



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