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We invite you to participate in the discussion on “Sexism and Violence in the Armenian Media”

The Oxygen Foundation is launching a public discussion on “Sexism and Violence in Armenian Media”, which will be held at Article 3 (Tumanyan 26a) on November 21,  18:00-20:00, in the framework of the Equal Opportunity Campaign and World Vision Armenia’s “Care for Equity”.


The aim of the discussion is to create a joint platform that will raise awareness of the widespread practice of sexism in Armenia’s media and other spheres and will take steps to combat this phenomenon.


We are concerned about the sexist advertising, where the woman is productive, the propaganda of violent TV shows and distorted family patterns, and thus attempts to create distorted values in the society, sexual attitudes in the political arena and everyday life, and attempts to undermine women.


We propose to fight against these manifestations of sexism and violence together and invite all stakeholders, journalists, human rights defenders, journalistic ethics experts, researchers, women and children’s NGOs and just individuals who are also concerned about the situation and are ready to take action. to have media and society free of violence and sexism, to join in that fight.


Public discussion is underway.


– Within the framework of the Equal Campaign / “Equal” campaign of the OXYGEN Foundation, with the financial support of the Swedish Government and Oxfam. Campaign partners are “ProMedia-Gender” and “Family Academy” NGOs.

– World Vision Armenia within the framework of the Different and Equal Campaign, with the “Care for Equality” project.


Discussion speakers are:


Ani Kojoyan, Gender Expert, Researcher, Co-author of “Survey and Gender Violence in Armenian TV Series”

Gohar Shahnazaryan, Director of the Center for Gender and Leadership Studies

Tamara Hovnatanyan, ProMedia-Gender NGO president, WomenNet.am website editor

Ara Ghazaryan, International Law Expert, Lawyer

Tigran Hakobyan, Member of the National Commission on Television and Radio

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