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Sexism is not afraid of coronavirus

Malaysia is demanding the resignation of the Minister for the advising women to dress up as usual, put on make-up and dress neatly,  CNN reports.


Perhaps because of the sad picture of China’s growing post-quarantine divorce, Malaysian authorities have recently tried to give some advice to women in self-isolation. In particular, they were encouraged to avoid wearing home clothes,  to dress neatly, to wear make-up, to avoid irritating and criticizing their spouses.


Those advice caused criticism and anger. They were described as sexist, and citizens accused the government of dealing with frivolous issues.


“Avoid wearing home clothes. Dress up as usual, put on make-up and dress neatly”. OMG! This is what Rina, our Minister of Women, Family & Community Development thinks is important during the #COVID19 lockdown? No tips on how to deal with #DomesticViolence? Just state DV is a crime.


Another remarked that the advice he had given once showed that men and women would never be equal.


The men also raised their voices in protest.


Ordinary citizens were joined by human rights organizations, accusing the government not only of ignoring domestic violence but also of allowing them to make sexist statements. They called on the government to focus on efforts and measures to support victims of domestic violence.


Eventually, under pressure from the public, the government first removed the post and apologized. Women’s Development Department director-general Akhma Hassan said the aim was to send out positive messages, according to state-run news agency Bernama.


“The approach used was to share methods and practices to maintain positive relationships within the family and during the phase of working from home,” she said in a statement.


However, even after the explanations, the Malaysians are adamant. The Change.org website has launched a petition demanding the immediate resignation of the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development and her deputy, as they have argued, for “tough” approaches.


Note that as the first country to overcome the coronavirus epidemic and be the first to experience quarantine,  China has some data on the negative consequences of isolation. The number of divorces has sharply increased here, and the Civil Registration Centers have had to limit the number of applications. According to another publication, domestic violence has increased in China during the isolation.


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