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“The police chief’s behavior is a manifestation of sexism.”

Statement made by the Coalition to stop violence against women


The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women issued a statement on the Police chief VladimirGasparyan’s attitude towards journalist Siranush Papyan.


Let’s note that during a press conference on April 24th , RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan, answering remarks of a journalist of “Lragir” and “1in. am” Siranush Papyan,  that the public does not see the police reforms, said: ” I’m sorry, I do not see woman in you”.


The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women considers this behavior as a sexism towards women, discrimination against women and psychological violence against the journalist, recalling that “‘Article 6 of the Law on Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men prohibites making gender based insults and humiliating statements.


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