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Shushanik Hovhannisyan: “People are now risky, they are raise questions, demand …”

Seven grandchildren, 62-year-old Shushanik Hovhannisyan, will take part in the municipal elections in Ditak, Ararat marz. She has been nominated because, as she says, it will be interesting to work for the community. “I thought I could also benefit the village.”


The family members were happy to hear about her  the nomination, most of the grandchildren were delighted: Her grandson said,” So good, that you will become popular.”


Mrs. Shushanik says the changes that had taken place a year ago had a positive effect on the people of the village, especially women, especially when they saw the participation of many women in the revolution and after that.


She has a project on rural development. Shushanik says, there is an old, abandoned farmhouse in the village, plans to privatize and work with the villagers and start a business.


She is sure that women can implement projects that are more accurate and thoroughly thought out in the community: “Women know better what they need. For example, in our family, we have a bit of money, a woman is better guided on what to spend, what’s the problem, how to handle it, how to benefit, doubling the amount. In the same way we will work in the council. It is necessary to open sports and cultural groups in the village to have employment and interest. ”


Mrs. Shushanik was excited about the changes occurred in our country a year ago. Her son, who had been with the family for eight years in Sochi, came back to work and does not plan to leave again. Shushanik says the return of his son’s family is obligatory, and if she is elected as a member of the council, she should work so that the village develops, making the migrant families return from abroad.

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