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Silva Adamyan: Green Territory Reconstruction Process Should Begin Immediately

Famous environmentalist Silva Adamyan participates in the Yerevan Municipal Council elections. During a conversation with WomenNet.am, she noticed that the opinion that the capital city is on the verge of an environmental catastrophe is not true, as the environmental catastrophe is already a reality and we have no right to postpone changing the situation.


As a biologist, I believe that the first step to be done is to restore the protective green zones and biologists and scientists should be involved in this process as the word is not about tree planting. This process needs to be taken seriously and the first step to be taken is just that. And here and the city authorities have to do, and the government, because all the structures should be involved in this process. Our alliance plans in its pre-election program that a scientific and technical council should be set up to deal with these issues and present the proposals with scientific justifications. Apart from the green zones, Yerevan should also have water resources to try to protect the green zones.


Yerevan’s return to the situation that existed until the 1990s will require decades. It’s a very long and complicated process, but the start cannot be toughened and not a minute. Botanists have a lot to do; I guess they should offer new types of trees that grow faster with which care is easier and cheaper. If this issue is serious, with involvement of specialists, this problem can be partially solved in at least 7-8 years. But the green space restoration process should start immediately.



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