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The painting depicting Former South Korean president naked angered his supporters 


This kind of work as Impressionist Eduard Manet’s famous painting “Olympia” has raised a wave of discontent and serious political scandal in South Korea. In the canvas, which was shown at the country’s parliament, the artist featured former President Pak Man Hein and his girlfriend, portrayed naked. A month ago, it was because of the girlfriend that Mr. Park Kee-hye was accused of corruption and removed from office by impeachment. Panorama.am addresses the topic mentioning that supporters of Pak Kin Hei attacked and tore the “Dirty Dreams” painting.


For damaging the work of 63-year-old retired navy admiral of  South Korea was arrested. He said he was upset by the fact that the picture shown in the parliament building.


“Senuri” party members, which is headed by the Pak Kin-hye, said the controversial painting not only hurts the two women, but also hurts the country’s image.


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