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“Soap for Hope.” Lilit Tonoyan’s innovations 

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Lilit Tonoyan was born in Armavir region, but almost all her life she lived in Artsakh. Her  parents are teachers, who after the war moved to Kashatagh, Goghtanik village. They  worked in the local school, where she also teaches. Last year, she presented a program development to Ecolab capacity to produce organic soaps and idea of establishing a community of “creativity”, which was supported.


Nearly a half year Lilit with the help of her sister Lusine produces soaps made of exclusively organic materials. This project named «Soap for Hope» is only a part of the innovation program. Proceeds from the sale of soap provided to Goghtanik school children, for the future of “Creativity”  which will enable the community to develop children’s creativity and abilities, awakening new hopes in them.


In the manufacture of soaps she uses exclusively organic materials, adding oranges, grapefruit, cinnamon, lavender, chamomile, sea buckthorn, juniper leaves and other plants. Young tester has already created 15 types of special soaps and oils derived from herbs, using mainly plants met in Artsakh and Armenia.


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