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Soldier’s mother


Soldier’s mother is not a public organization, the soldier’s mother is aging hands that every time when hearing “war”, they touch the thick tree and the trees tremble. They just touch in order to get  power to be able  to  resist,  to be able to wait from a place , from where a few have returned, just  to believe that his greatest, greatest love – soldier son – will be one of the few.


Soldier’s mother only knows one thing well, that she and war do not love each other, they hate each other from the day when she became a mother, had a son. From that day she and war became antonyms, enemies, war is not losing but she is more powerful, that’s why her conflict with the war is eternal – it will last as long as there is war – war is going to be always as there is a mother, and mother will always exist because there are  war and  mother, it is going to be a mother-war conflict, without losing any of the parties, since the war is not losing, but she is stronger. She does not understand everything, but she is strong.


The mother does not know that killing, her son remembers her, if he does not remember, he will not kill, if he does not kill, in that case he will be killed.  The mother only knows one thing that her son will come back home to continue playing the violin, which is carefully kept up for her son. And he will come and play, but not now. The mother knows this too, that is why she leans on the thick tree of our peaceful town since she has learnt that it is not calm in the border.


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