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The future of Sorik, the courage of two Gyulizars

On June 9, local self-governing bodies are scheduled to take part in the Sorig community in the Aragatsotn marz. Of the five nominated candidates, 2 are women: Gyulizar Tamoyan and Gyulizar Asoyan.


According to national customs and lifestyle, Yezidi women are moderate in communication and reasonable, with obvious love and respect for their husbands and families.


These two women, the two Yezidi women, have broken all the stereotypes, wishing and participating in the elections in their community, fully aware of community issues and imagining ways to solve them.


Not having basic education, experiencing their lives almost isolated from the various contacts, clearly understand the primary and vital problems of the village: night lighting, road improvements, availability of drinking water, gas supply, transportation, pre-school and health establishments.


The visions of the two female candidates on how to work, develop and implement projects and develop the community were limited to satisfying vital needs. Under cozy smiles, they added that the spouses would help them.


According to the head of the village, two women candidates have a great progress in the village, who enjoy the support and readiness of not only their families, but also the entire community. Sorik community has 150 households, at present 16 families are in the border, mainly engaged in cattle-breeding.

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