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Srbouhi Yedigaryan: “We Must Do All We Can”

Srbuhi Yedigaryan was nominated for council of elders in the Dvin community of Ararat region on June 9th, 2019. She is the only woman among the nominees. Though she has never been involved in political activities, community residents are well aware of her public work.


Srbouhi Yedigaryan believes that the community needs care, although not all women take up that responsible job, as the stereotypes about women’s participation in social and political life have not completely disappeared.


Srubuhi is a 53-year-old, has 4 children and 9 grandchildren. The burden of a large family today is on her shoulders. Her husband and son are in Russia, and Srbouhi, who has always provided seasonal harvest to the brigade consisting of residents of Dvin and nearby villages, continues doing the same work today.


Nevertheless, the suggestion of the head of the community of Dvin Artsrun Abrahamyan, to nominate a candidate for the local elections in the local self-governing body, did not diminish as she was confident in her strength that she could be useful to the community. Although her husband had agreed, but his son was against it, the reason is her mother’s busyness.


Community women’s gathering is a church where they talk about the problems and concerns of the community. Previously, they were constrained by the mother-in-law, the father-in-law, or the husband who banned a wife leaving the house, and today women are active and free in the community.


According to the Srbouhi, there are many community issues. Though everyone has a plot but generally lives in poverty, most men leave for work abroad, leaving agricultural jobs on the shoulders of women.


The Srbouhi takes part in the courses for the Council of Elders and is already aware of the responsibilities of a member of the Council of Elders. And the problems of the community are immeasurable – from water line, assistance to needy families, kindergarten, school, rural club issues, all of which are included in her  programs.

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