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Story about women’s solidarity: director Maria Sahakyan’s recent unpublished screenplay


Maria Sahakyan’s latest screenplay, which she wrote at the request of director Mikhail Bratsky, was released. It is called “Armenian Love: story on clotheslines”, reports Sputnik -Armenia.


It’s a story of two neighbors, their love victories and defeats, envy and jealousy, and ultimately, the story of women’s solidarity … The idea belongs to Arevik Avanesyan, the script writer –  Maria Sahakyan.


Lucy is a free girl who rents an apartment in a high-rise building, works freelance, allows herself many things that is traditionally criticized in the Armenian pseudo – statistical society.


 On one fine Sunday, having performed a magnificent ritual of the Armenian wedding, a bride is brought by the golden Bentley to a rich private house on the opposite. The groom is bald, well-fed and at least twice his wife’s age.


Lucy’s windows face the courtyard and the balcony of the private house and when the next morning the proud mother-in-law hangs out a white sheet with a bloodstain in the middle  on the clotheslines, Lucy almost falls under the table from laughing, and under her photograph in Instagram only lazy does not hone its wit.


The next day a happy young wife, ROSA, appears on the balcony of the luxurious house opposite her, she is already 27 and this marriage was long awaited. Not in the sense that is  on a great love; but because there were great chances to remain as an “old maid”.


Rosa proudly hangs her laundry – men’s shirts, panties and socks are distributed on the clothesline in an ideal arithmetic progression – from bigger to smaller.


Rosa haughtily looks at Lucy – but, as if nothing has happens, she throws her legs on the railing of her small balcony, smokes and makes notes on the sheets scattered around her.


Soon, Lucy realizes that Rosa’s daily show is designed especially for her. And she does not remain in debt – the contest begins: Lucy hangs a breathtaking seductive underwear so on …


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