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Tatevik Bezhanyan: “I’m Rebellious and I Have always Fought Against Injustice”

  • Tell us about your motives to enter politics.


  • I have been participating in political processes since 1996, and more intensively since 2003. I participated in all national and several local elections, actively participated in protests against the rights and interests of the citizen. I have always been rebeliuos and struggled against injustice.


  • Your party has stated that you are coming to make radical and systematic changes. What changes are they?


  • The radical changes and the ways and means of their implementation are detailed in the party’s strategic plan, and in the pre-electoral program 5 strategic directions are separated – rights and justice, public administration and human resources policy, socio-economic development, security and defense, relations, homeland-diaspora.


  • What programs do you have in promoting immigration and preventing emigration if you go to parliament?


  • From the very beginning I want to make some clarifications. What do you mean by saying immigration? Immigration is the inflow of foreign citizens to our country. In this sense, I will do my best to adopt a new law “On Foreigners and Stateless Persons”.


And if you mean repatriation and the return of Armenian citizens, here are some suggestions. The most important prerequisite for repatriation is the existence of justice.


  • What are the problems facing women and children in our country and what solutions do you see?


  • The issues are diverse, but I would like to consider this issue within the framework of migration processes. Today, due to the huge flow of migration, the picture of the family is severely distorted. Despite the fact that labor migration is an important factor in the family’s socio-economic stability, it still brings about many problems, family care, upbringing and socialization, lifelong maintenance and care, maternity and marriage.


The socio-economic situation in Armenia is that lack of work or low remuneration has created unfavorable conditions for the inadequate workforce of women. The majority of unemployed and job seekers registered at the Employment Center’s regional centers are women.


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