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Tatevik Minasyan: “We have to contribute to the development of our community”

32 candidates for the Aldermen’s Council nominated in the Ijevan community are present at the February 17th election. The only female candidate among them is Tatevik Minasyan. She says: For now I do not hope to win, but I do not despair, I have chosen this path, so I have to justify the expectations of my supporters and believers …


Tatevik Minasyan was born  on October 21, 1990 in Tavush Marz, In Ijevan.


After completing his secondary school N3 after Edilyan in 2007 in Ijevan, she studies at the Faculty of Law at the European Regional College, completing her studies in 2016. She is a lawyer by profession. Tatevik Minasyan is a pupil of Hope Bridge  –  a non-governmental organization for the protection of children and youth with disabilities. She has more than 10 years of volunteering experience. She has participated in numerous seminars and has partnered with various NGOs. She has worked in the same media outlet, currently a social worker in the NGO. She is non-party. As member of the council she has been nominated for the first time.


Let me say in advance that no one advised me to nominate a candidacy for the Council of Elders, and I decided to take part in the elections myself. After a velvet revolution, I had the courage to decide, and why not, I decided to make a step … My parents did not take it seriously since for several times  I had initiated something that I did not realized so this time they were seriously getting my decision.


Tatevik got acquainted with the council members’ work details and is sure that she would have a lot to do. And the programs are multi-layered. Being a social worker and communicating with needy families, Tatevik has planned to raise the issue of vulnerable people and people with disabilities. However, Tatevik wants to prove that disability does not mean putting on the fate, because of the will and persistence, a person with disabilities is also able to “tackle mountains” and even engage in politics.


The city’s garbage collection, street lighting, multi-stored roofs, and many unsettled social issues are among the main provisions of Tatevik’s program, and each resident of the city should be involved in the solution. So it is not surprising that Tatevik Minasyan’s pre-booklet begins with the slogan “Your voice is important”.


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