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Tavush forest wealth – women’s way of profit 

We arrived in Ayrum  to get acquainted with the program “Forest fruit-markets” implemented by British foundation Big Lotery. The program is designed to improve the lives of poor rural people and their families in Armenia through formation and developmentof value chain including forest resources, as well as through providing economic opportunities for women. The project is implemented by “Lchkadzor” Agricultural Consumer Cooperative established by Oxfam…


Hrachya Zakoyan the head of the program of economic development of rural communities of Oxfam Regional Office in Armenia told WomenNet- the details of this remarkable initiative. He said the program is being implemented in Armenia and Georgia, including five communities from each. The program included Ayrum, Lchkadzor, Artchis, Haghtavan and Ptghavan communities of Tavush region of Armenia, which last year enlarged in one community Ayrum. However, the community women members of Lchkadzor, Artchis and Ptghavan are most active and collecting, processing and selling  natural products – Cherry, Peach, hawthorn, mulberry and various herbs in Tavush forests they get pretty good profits and, due to it solve  thousands of  problems.


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