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“Seeing Hands” or how the idea of an Armenian woman became a global innovation 

Many people know about Mary Dilbandyan’s “seeing hands”, even in Silicon Valley. This, however, was not her first bold initiative. Four years ago, Mariam was preoccupied with another case. She had a recording studio  where she was digitizing the works of Armenian classics.


“These people, though, are in a closed circuit”.


“It was while working on audio books, that I realized that they need to be delivered to the vision-impaired people, as this is would not only solve their leisure, self-development issue in a particular aspect, but also would be a very specific educational value for them, because many of them  having problems with vision have an education problem, do not attend school, the textbooks are not adapted to the Braille alphabet books, mostly are old and outdated”, – says Mariam.


Thus, audio books in her hands she knocked on many doors of  organizations and associations, whose members are visually impaired. Thus, the relationship grew into friendship. Mariam became close with people with disabilities, understood their daily tasks and problems. Her heartedly attitude and endless desire to do  innovation  gave to young girl  completely new idea and  the determination to implement.


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