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The Guardian Investigation: dozens of UN employees are subjected to sexual harassment

The current and former dozens of UN staff members have been subjected to sexual harassment in the organization. They have been honest about it in an interview with The Guardian.


The periodical has conducted its own investigation. Anonymity gave women the opportunity to speak out about harassment against them. They insisted that the UN leadership was aware of sexual assault, but the latter ignored what had happened. Moreover, they stated that UN officials threatened them, they would be deprived of their jobs, abandoned their careers, and if they decided to take a risk, they would have no results and no justice. Victims were forced to keep silent.


During the interview with the newspaper, 15 women working in the organization reported that they had been subjected to sexual harassment from verbal remarks to rape in the last five years. According to them, the phenomenon exists in the widespread UN offices in different countries around the world.


The United Nations has commented on the information contained in the newspaper and said they are aware of it. And Secretary-General of the Organization, Atonio Gutteres, considers the fight against sexual harassment priority, and supports zero tolerance policy towards it.


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