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Galya Hovhannisyan: “We will create the future ourselves”

Galya Hovhannisyan, a Sisian candidate for community council member, sees her mission in ensuring a proper relationship between rural communities and the center. She says. «I personally have a lot of contact with rural communities. In about ten rural communities  people know me well and are aware that I’m struggling for them».


Galya Hovhannisyan was born on September 20, 1975 in the village of Brnakot of the Sisian region. She graduated from the Yerevan Institute of National Economy, Department of “Production Economics and Management”, receiving qualification of an economist. Works at Sisian Water Users Association (now Syunik WUA). Since 2011 she has been heading “Galya Hovhannisyan” Private Entrepreneurship. Married – she has a son and a daughter. She notes that her family  offered her candidacy, and overcoming  stereotypes in her family is ready to help other women to be active.


Why did you decide to run?


-I constantly communicate with the population of almost all rural communities in Sisian. I see that the villages are getting empty day by day. Being a member of the enlarged community council is important for me to be myself, to be a person who can raise issues of peripheral settlements in a new local self-government. That’s why my pre-election program focuses on the villages-Sisian connection. As  today, every resident of the city must understand that the village is the keeper of the city. If the village is empty, the city itself will not exist. By the way, living in the Gai district of Sisian, which is suburban, I see very well the problems of the outskirts, which, in fact, are ignored.


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