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The trend towards a significant decline in the number of women in the community councils of the enlarged communities remains

WomenNet.am has tried to figure out the impact of women’s representation in major municipalities on November 5th. As a result, we can state that the number of women in the elected councils has dropped significantly compared to the existing data.


For example, there were 54 candidates for the council member in Aparan, two of them women. In the enlarged Aparan, 20 communities are included, in the community there are 117 members of the council, of which six are women or 4.3%. After the enlargement, the Aparan Council will consist of 15 members. No woman has been elected as a result of the selection, ie the representation of women has dropped from 4.3% to 0.


In Aragatsavan, which also enlarged, there were 24 council members, one of them was a woman. The council will consist of 11 members. There are four villages in the community. There was no woman in the council of any of them. In this case the situation remained unchanged.


In Geghamsar which was enlarged, there were 28 candidates for the Council of Elders, two of them women. The council will consist of 11 members. The number of members of the community councils of this bunch was 88, of which 19 were women or 21.5% were women. Now only one of the 11 members of the council is a woman, which is 9%.


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