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Consolidating Communities. The new “glass ceiling” for women / Infographic



This year, the 6 regions of Armenia – Syunik, Tavush, Shirak, Ararat, Lori and Vayots Dzor, elections were held in larger communities. They were held on 14 February, 18 September and 2 October, bringing the total number of 125 communities in 17 clusters. The enlarged community councils all recorded significant reduction in terms of women’s representation.



Thus, as a result of consolidation was a serious setback in terms of women’s representation. According to our conversations with women, the reasons are different, the competition is very high, especially when rural communities were united in cities around women candidates are not so  much known and the possibilities of launching a wide campaign in the women among the surrounding communities are low. Given the state of regional roads and transport, for women it is insurmountable barrier to the distance from the center, uniting the communities. As a result, number of female candidates in the local elections was originally low while women’s representation in elected councils by 2-3 times lower than before enlargement. The only exception was Tegh community of Syunik region. Today it is the only larger community in which the number of women after the enlargement the City Council increased.



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